Top Sex in America and Top Court in Bangladesh

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Top Sex in America and Top Court in Bangladesh: A Convenient Redefinition of the Concept of Apex Sex and (the Criminal Contempt of) Apex Court

Jalal Uddin Khan/Canada

Top Girls is a 1982 play by Caryl Churchill about the morally disturbing, questionable and doubtful success of modern business women. Similarly, there are plenty of tough and hard questions that may be raised about the top/apex sex in America in the recent times, especially under Donald Trump, and about the treatment of the top/apex court in Bangladesh under Sheikh Hasina. In both cases there was a twisting and trampling of their respective matters, which had a soft and expedient landing in the case of America, which relished, if not cherished, the sexual lapses of its dear and duly elected presidents, and a hard—indeed raw and rude–landing in the case of Bangladesh’s shunned, shaken, and diminished former Chief Justice S K Sinha.

The world knows how American presidential sex played a role in the presidential politics of the country. Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky were a big story in 1998 making Clinton face a special prosecutor and about to be impeached. He had a narrow escape in which he successfully redefined sexual intercourse in his favor. He argued that anything short of entering a woman would not constitute sexual intercourse, which he insisted he did not have with Monica. He, however, admitted that he had other forms of physical relationship with her, nonetheless not less satisfying, but not vaginal penetration though. His successful rhetorical redefinition of sexual intercourse saved him from being kicked out of the White House.

Donald Trump has had all kinds of pre-presidential extramarital affairs with many women, including allegedly grabbing them by their private parts, but still was elected president in the changed cultural and political circumstances. It was a reformation that saw a redefinition and a reformulation of presidential leadership in which the American people thought the candidate’s public life and his ability to lead and govern were separate from his private life, however wildly erotic, amorous, lusty, lecherous, and libidinous it may have been within the confines of private planes and buses and tall towers and wide locker rooms. One had nothing much to do with the other, American voters thought. (Bangladesh voters may have thought and may still think the same way about their President H M Ershad about his once deluxe deviations!) Unlike Senator Gary Hart, who ran for president in 1988 but had to drop out due to his marital infidelity over his relationship with Donna Rice, Trump was lucky in the evolution of American political culture and sexual politics. Trump was also lucky to have been able to negatively exploit Clinton’s presidential carnal desires that were unfaithfully fulfilled right along the corridors of the White House, to the huge embarrassment of his wife Hillary during her public debates with Trump, and yet eschew falling victim to the plethora of his own pre-presidential fun and frolics.

In Sheikh Hasina’s Bangladesh too, there is a redefinition of the contempt of court. If you are the ruling party, you can go any length against the apex court’s verdict, which may have been (only slightly and superficially) against you, but which was highly critical of the opposition at the same time. As the ruling party, you can afford to be in a state of excessive overreaction and say anything you like, from vile to vulgar to vitriolic to vengeful, without “paying any tax” and being accused of contempt of court. The ruling party may even be able to kick out the chief justice—which, in fact, it has already done—just because part of the long and comprehensive verdict along with its observations repealing the 16th amendment could be read as critical of the semi-and-nearly fascistic, despotic, and dictatorial Hasina regime, as part of them critical of the opposition too—even more highly and largely.

In Bangladesh, under the grip of the unelected, auto-elected, self-elected, pseudo-elected, and, therefore, democratically illegal and illegitimate Hasina regime, the chief justice has to go and the entire judicial system has to yield to the regime’s axing ferocity, while stays the autocratic and authoritarian prime minster and her fierce and ferocious government. She is the macabre Machiavellian mother of inhumanity to the political opposition and a frightening and terrorizing Mother Goose of the folk rhymes to her opponents. She cannot do without detaining and imprisoning dozens and dozens of her political opponents every day, by now nearly eighty thousand overcrowding all the prisons of the country for the last few years.

In today’s democratic Pakistan, which, unlike Hasina’s Bangladesh, has started enjoying a certain rule of law, the prime minister (Nawaz Sharif) is found guilty and therefore goes but the chief justice stays with the full integrity of his court. Similar things happen in India and the Western and many Eastern countries. In the democratic America, the Supreme Court justices and all other circuit court judges across the country do stay with full dignity, but Donald Trump’s discriminatory executive immigration order is ordered by them not to be upheld and executed. The Panama Papers broke the prime ministers of Iceland and Pakistan, but not Hasina’s men, including her Awamized RAB chief Benzir Ahmed! What a shame to her ruthless and repressive rule in the undemocratic Bangladesh!

By her policies and actions of nonstop repression (গুম ও খুন, হামলা ও মামলা jail ও জুলুম ) of the political opposition in Bangladesh, with the help of her deeply and dangerously politicized police/RAB, it appears Hasina has metamorphosed into a female (Countess) version of Bram Stoker’s 1897 character of Dracula, who sickeningly enjoys living by sucking the blood of others. The Nobel Committee should be aware that any Nobel to Hasina would be egregiously ignoble, shrunken, diminishing, and downsized. The Nobel Committee should not be duped and trapped into thinking otherwise by the internationally attention-grabbing Rohingya issue when (1) there are millions of local and native flood victims in Bangladesh remaining without the basic help in food and clothing and power and housing; (2) when there are millions of underfed and malnourished factory, construction, and agricultural workers; (3) when there are millions of small underage children engaged and employed in bone-and-jaw-breaking inhuman labor in shine and rain; (4) when the watchers, observers, and the members of the opposition go on listing endless number of ill and evil misdeeds by the Hasina regime; (5) when billions of dollars are stolen and smuggled out of the country by the corrupt at the connivance and careful carelessness of the government; (6) when the criminalization and commercialization of politics and the politicization and political rehabilitation of the corrupt and the criminals go unabated and become the business of the day; and, above all, (7) when there are millions of political opponents suffering from judicial and extrajudicial terror and torture unleashed by Hasina’s men in arms as well as civilian suits in Bangladesh. No one should be allowed to exploit and misread and be hoodwinked by the internationally publicized Rohingya issue for which all credit should go only to international human rights organizations and the UN aid agencies.

Doesn’t power corrupt? For sure, it does. Isn’t might right? Of course, it is.

But the problem is, in the present case, that is, during Hasina’s entire term, power has corrupted the ruling party absolutely and might has become absolute right knowing no limits and bounds whatsoever. Under Sheikh Hasina, it is unthinkable that the opposition, let alone the ordinary public, would dare to refuse to accept even the court observations, let alone the initial and operational verdict, hurl verbal abuses at the court, and seek ouster of the chief justice. It is the privilege and prerogative of only her and her party alone to attack the court and to do so as violently, viciously, and vituperatively as possible, from the recent Awami Nasim-led লাঠি মিছিল against the court to any foul, feverish, and frivolous talk against the chief justice of the country.

One recalls what even a top political leader, who is no less than the most popular Begum Zia, had to face—a libel/sedition/treason suit—just for merely and momentarily opening her mouth and making a short and simple and slight comment on the controversy over the number of 1971 war dead. Even though her small comment was based on wildly and widely differing figures as put forward by dozens of writers in their scholarly research, Begum Zia became a victim of the neo-and-near and-more than partially fascist Hasina regime’s wrath and rancor.

Not only this, while the woefully wrecked and reckless Sheikh Hasina, in a malevolent and malicious manipulation of the court, had all the dozens of cases against her withdrawn as soon as she came to power in late 2008, Begum Zia, whose popularity is an envy and a grudge to her, is made to go to court literally every week on dozens of politically motivated lawsuits to constantly harass and humiliate her (Zia) and bar her from being engaged in political activities and programs, because Zia’s BNP as the largest political party of Bangladesh is a mortal and deadly scare to the cowardly Hasina and her hissing and haphazard rule turning the country into a corrupt one-party police and prison state of jail and জুলুম, হামলা ও মামলা দুর্নীতি ও দলীয়করণ রাষ্ট্রীয় ভয় ও রাষ্ট্রীয় সন্ত্রাস (relentless and remorseless torture and persecution, fear and anxiety, state terrorism, and politically motivated partisan penal suits), and forced disappearances and abductions with nearly eighty thousand inmates languishing in the dark bondage of its darker dungeons.

Sheikh Hasina and her men enforce a state of dented, demoted, and diminished democracy, slim and shrunk to the point of being reduced to “dummo-cracy,” “dumbo-cracy,” and “demon-crazy.” They are all self-proclaimed, auto-elected, and pseudo-elected, with Hasina playing the role of the macabre Machiavellian mother of inhumanity to her political opponents and the frightening and terrorizing Mother Goose of folk rhymes to dissent. She and her men are bent upon eliminating and annihilating the latter by way of poly-tricks, foul tricks, repression, persecution, and daily mass arrests, all with the help of their messiah saviors and protectors, who are the entirely partisan and politicized police and the RAB.

By the way, that Sheikh Hasina is a mother of humanity, a title claimed by her flatterers and sycophants to have allegedly been earned from the British media for sheltering the Rohingyas, must be a Trump-type fake news. There is no real basis to the claim. Maybe it was a saying (lost) on air for the sake of saying, not to be meant and taken seriously. No credible source for the news has been found. How can a British newspaper, Guardian or any other, call her “Mother of Humanity” when she was and still is actually a mother of inhumanity to her majesty’s opposition?

A Canadian resident, Jalal Uddin Khan holds a PhD from the USA and has taught abroad for many years.

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